Friday, February 12, 2010

New Identity-Craigslist Rental Scammer---Dr. Arun Gupta (Dept of Radiology Consultant)

I'm a NH Landlord & RE Broker often frustrated by phishing emails, bogus rental inquiries, and craigslist scammers.

Beware the Old Dinosaur Hunter is back using the new identity of Dr Arun Gupta, at St. Mark's Hospital 28 Northwick Park,Watford Road, UK.

Here is a copy of his most recent rental scam I received via email today,2/11/10.

I hope this helps other landlords avoid wasting time with this international scammer!

His email reads:

Hello Kelsey,

Thanks for your mail, i am indeed serious about renting this unit,andi will be willing to offer you 2 months rent,and a year lease to startwith,plus the security deposit in order to secure this unit prior tomy arrival. Could you be kind enough to let me know what theelectricity/utility cost would be?. As i will really need to have thisunit for myself.You can send me the lease and application,to enable meto review it ahead of time. I would eventually have it,fill it up andsigned physically when i arrive. In my opinion,appending signatoriesshould be done properly ,and at best physically. This is an international situation . With this arrangement, myfinancier in the states will be effecting your payment deposit to you.I believe we can work together and ensure every arrangements that weshall both execute in line with my taking up the tenancy should bedone accordingly to ensure we have a proper understanding. In view ofmy work schedule, I'd want us to finalize basic arrangements. I willarrive the united states in 9 days time. If you require any specific information,please let me know or you cancall me on my cell phone, please dial as presented for internationalcalls .

My due regards,

Dr.Arun Gupta (Department of Radiology Consultant Radiologist) St. Mark's Hospital 28 Northwick Park,Watford Road, Harrow,Middlesex HA1 3UJ,United Kingdom . Phone: +44 7031927451 Cell;+447031955140 Fax: +44 7030403330 e mail; ..... protect human health and the environment

If I can help another prevent this scammer from his fraud, the time it took to post this blog was worthwhile!

Kelsey Nippe
NH Home Team
VT & NH Auctioneer
NH Auction License # 5042